Three things I wish ALL group fitness instructors knew

richardI took a step class last Saturday, I won’t say which one.  While the class was probably fine for most, you know I’m a little snobbish.  I was hoping for more energy so I would burn more calories. As I tried to take my workout up a level without being disruptive to the other students, it made me think of three things that I wish all group fitness instructors knew:

  1. Set appropriate expectations – when you start a class off by saying how difficult it will be or write a description that doesn’t quite deliver, you are likely to end up with having some disappointed students in your class.
  2. Get on beat – now I know, for some class, music is just background but for others it helps power through the workout.  When the moves are supposed to move to the beat, the instructor should make sure they can be on the beat. There is no excuse for not having the right music at the right speed because of course, there’s an app for that – Rock My Run.
  3. Mirror the class – is it really 2016 and there are still instructors who can’t look at the class and go in their same direction (i.e. the instructor calls for move left and the instructor has to move right because they are mirroring the class)?  It’s frustrating when the instructor says right and moves left.  I’m not sure if I heard correctly so I stumble with whether to move their direction or go right.

Now, I know I’m not the only one with instructor preferences.  What are the three things you wish all group fitness instructors knew?