Shake What Your Mama Gave You! — Review: 305 Fitness

If you don’t know what 305 stands for, you haven’t been to Miami or know the rapper Pitbull also known as Mr. 305.  Three-zero-five is the area code for the city known for its hot nightlife.  305 Fitness brings that Miami club energy into a fitness class with djs, colored lights, scantily clad women (sports bras and tight pants) AND sweat!  The only thing missing are drinks and platform stiletto heels.

I took the class for the first time this week and partied in my Asics to the latest songs and some throwbacks like Tootsie Roll (we actually did the moves that made the song famous) with a packed room full of women.  The male instructor was fit (which is a must have for me) and kept the energy high but it wasn’t only about getting turnt up.  We actually got down too, literally, down on the floor for abs work.

Fifty-five minutes and 400 calories later, I left the class wet feeling like I had a great night on the dance floor.  But the next day, I felt soreness in muscles I hadn’t even realized I used.  While shaking what my mama gave me, I didn’t realize how much quad and arm work I did too.  This reinforced my decision to add this class to my weekly schedule.  Who couldn’t use a night out dancing at any age?

Click here to learn more about 305 Fitness.  DC residents, visit for a schedule of boutique fitness classes to create a schedule that works for your time, budget and goals.