NYC: 2 Killer Workouts in 2 Days

New York City and LA are clearly the leaders in the fitness industry with cutting edge boutique studios and badass instructors.  So when I got three days in NYC, I was determined to get in three unique workouts.  I initially thought I would go to Barry’s, which is a staple, since I can’t get it in DC. Schedule and location conflicts, however, forced me in another direction and lucky me because I found some gems:



I was literally knocked out by this challenging workout. At $40 a class, you would think I would have an easy time getting in but classes were booked and I was on a waitlist for a Thursday morning class (doesn’t anybody work?).  I waited eagerly for the ladies at the check in desk to let me know I was in but every time I thought they were ready to say my name, a scheduled participant shuffled in.  As it got close to the bell ringing, I asked for the wrap and gloves (another $2 for the wrap and glove rental $1; you can bring your own) so I would be ready.  Just after the bell rang, I was cleared to go in.

The room alone was so cool; I was excited for the workout.  Shrouded in blackness were florescent blue lights and bags.  Bags were numbered so you knew your space.  But you didn’t start with your bags or even with your gloves on, like Rocky, we started with calisthenics, yep old fashion jumping jacks.  After the warm up round, we start actually shadowboxing in a mirror to get our moves down.  I thought I would be ready by the time we hit the bags but that first punch was still shocking.  We did rounds of combinations interspersed with rounds of cardio (i.e. mountain climbers) and ab exercises.  By the time class was over, I was sore (the good kind of sore that indicates you used new muscles) and I was drenched in sweat.  I was tempted to cancel my day two workout so I could come back but if I barely got in on a Thursday, I was sure to be blocked out for Friday.

AKT inMotion

AKT Happy Hour

This was one I found out about from Kelly Ripa.  I like to pretend Kelly and I are friends.  I think if we met we would be friends, we have a similar sense of humor and we seem to love working out.  So when I learned that Kelly’s trainer had a boutique fitness studio, I had to try it.  With a client like Kelly it was likely to be good.  At 10am in the morning I headed to the AKT Happy Hour.  I was warned by the staff that this was the last week for this routine so don’t worry if I get lost. To be honest, I thought the routine was pretty basic so catching on in the hour wasn’t that difficult BUT after rounds of dancing and light weights (think barre class), I couldn’t wait for Happy Hour to be over.  I was exhausted and my heart rate monitor claimed that I burned almost as many calories as I do in spin class and I was spent.  Happy Hour ended with us going through the entire routine a couple of times with low lights and a mirror ball (dancing with the stars).  If only drinks would have been waiting for us, it would have been the perfect ending.


I am so glad that I loved the two classes that I took and while I would definitely take them again, I know there are still tons of NYC boutique fitness classes to try.  What should be on my fitness list for my next NYC visit?  Share a review for NYC or any other city here.