No More Excuses!

No more excuses!  That’s the mantra of many when it comes to getting healthy and fit at the beginning of every New Year.  But despite good intentions, so many people quickly forget that mantra as they let excuses overshadow their goals.  Excuses like “I can’t afford a gym membership” and “I don’t have time”.  I’m not judging them (or you) but with the plethora of boutique fitness studios in DC like Flywheel, [solidcore] and Elevate, that offer pay per class and innovative fitness clubs like BodySmith and Crunch with drop-in rates, there shouldn’t be any more excuses, at least not for DC residents.  They can easily design a schedule that works around their availability, fitness goals and finances.

Customized Schedule

You want a 6am barre class on Monday to tone and lengthen and tone for a leaner body and a 7pm cycle class on Thursday to burn insane calories, you can create it by taking single classes at two different specialized boutique studios.  These studios typically have an intimate and innovative twist on traditional classes that big gyms just don’t create.  Plus, they tend to be short, focused workouts with instructors that are passionate and highly trained experts in the fitness specialty. This leads to more intense workouts and quicker results.

So how do you develop a schedule without spending time you don’t have visiting multiple websites?  The Fitness Snob schedule has your daily options from over 20 DC boutique locations. Some days there are over 100 options but no reason to feel overwhelmed, you can sort by the type of class you’re looking for to limit what’s displayed.

Pay What You Want

Now it can get pricey if you take boutique lass offerings every day and pay single class rates but most studios have tons of payment packages with discounts based on the number of classes you pre-pay and the times you take classes (i.e. there are price breaks for off-peak class times).  Also, many offer a free class to first time riders and those who refer others and some have community rides where you ride for free on a specific day and time.


No more excuses!  Start January 1st 2016 in a fitness class that you will love.  See the full New Year’s Day class listings at the Fitness Snob DC Schedule and keep coming back to see your daily fitness class options so that you stay on track with your fitness goals in the New Year. I’m not judging you but really, you have no more excuses!