Last minute holiday gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts

merry fitness

You thought you finished up your holiday shopping and then realize…oops! you forgot that friend who is a fitness enthusiast.  Of course, you can buy a traditional gift card but why not give a gift that shows a little more thought?

If they take a ton of classes you could easily buy them credits at their favorite fitness studio.  This is always a great option! They will love it but it is also something they would get with or without you.  Consider giving them an experience they might not buy for themselves.  Spa certificates are great!  We tend not to think as much about repairing our bodies after all of our tough workouts.  You can get a digital spa card in minutes from Spa Finder.  They can go to their favorite place and enjoy that much needed massage and/or mani/pedi.

While you can’t give them the body they want, you can go one step further and give them a gift for their fitness journey.

Here are three gift options:

  1. Calorie Tracking – my favorite saying is “you can’t out work a bad diet”.  It is so frustrating when you work out regularly and don’t see the results in terms of weight loss.  Monitoring what you take in is as important as how hard you work out.  A dietician can definitely help them develop an eating plan that will complement their fitness routine to reach their goals but so can apps like myfitnesspal and myplate by livestrong.  Buy them the premium versions which are less than $50 a year.
  2. Metabolic Testing – this works hand in hand with eating.  Knowing how many calories your body needs just to live (resting metabolic rate) is crucial.  When combined with the calories used during daily activity, you know how many calories you can consume during a day.  Getting this done professionally for accuracy can make a big difference.  Places like Canyon Ranch offer these services but unless you are shelling out thousands for them to take a trip, you might want to google for places in their neighborhood.  More of these boutique types of offerings are starting to open.  In DC, you can get them a gift certificate to CompositionID.
  3. Cryotheraphy – which essentially involves standing in a deep-freezing tank for several minutes has been claimed to help with weight loss, pain reduction, improved sleep and better fitness performance.  While the jury is still out, it is definitely the “cool” (rather cold) thing to do.  Crythotherapy facilities are popping up everywhere.  Google for a location near their home but like buying from any business, read the reviews.  If they are in the DC area, try getting them a gift certificate to DistrictCryo.

As a bonus gift, tell them about Fitness Snob, an app that provides personalized fitness class recommendations based on the users fitness goals and class attributes that are important to them. The app will help them stay motivated on their fitness journey by giving them more classes and instructors they are likely to love.

Happy Holidays!