Hot Bodies that Motivate You to Workout

fit to fat to fit

I feel like everywhere I turn these days there is fitness inspiration which is great especially when the focus isn’t to be skinny but to be fit. There is a difference. People who are skinny are not necessarily fit; they could lack body muscle and strength which are critical to longevity.  Also, some too skinny people suffer from diseases just like some overweight people do. But back to the inspiration, it seems like every magazine I pick up has a section on fitness these days and television programming now includes a number of fitness shows like Fit to Fat to Fit and Sweat, Inc. I love them both for different reasons.

The trainers on Fit to Fat to Fit make me want to work out harder as they talk about what they miss while not working out – the burn, being really sweaty, etc. I now realize that’s what I’m missing too. Gone are my days of baby’s licking my face after a workout because they can taste the salt. I’ve got to get back to that level of burn to reach my goals.

Sweat, Inc. reminds me of all the different ways there are for me to get fit and that there is something for everybody. Each week as Jillian Michaels and the team evaluated workouts that reached specific objectives (i.e. impact, sport inspired, etc.), it really emphasized to me all of the fitness options available and, when done right, allow you to still achieve a great calorie burn to help you reach your fitness goals.  This lets you do an effective workout that you enjoy too.

The inspiration doesn’t stop there. There are so many blogs, Twitter streams, Facebook timelines, Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards dedicated to fitness.  Every time I look at my iPhone, there is a hot body that reminds me not to give up on my fitness goals.

This video was my latest inspiration. It helped me power through my Saturday strength class. These ladies with their incredible (not skinny) bodies pushed me to increase my weight factor and similar to the trainer on Fit to Fat to Fit, I loved the burn.