Fitness Snob
Receive personalized fitness class recommendations based on your fitness goals and class attributes that are important to you.

Love your fitness class the first time, every time.

With hundreds of fitness classes every day, how does a fitness enthusiast like you find the perfect fitness class?

New fitness classes become available everyday, but every workout isn’t for everybody.  Right now the best option is trial and error.  The worst is to show up for a class and be disappointed, especially after paying an expensive class fee plus you’ve wasted time.

Now there’s a new fitness app that takes the risk out of trying something new.  Receive recommendations on new fitness classes and instructors you are likely to love based on what you currently love.

It’s a lot like the dating sites that match you with potential new “friends.”  Simply fill out a profile that outlines key workout dimensions such as intensity of workout, music genres, instructor personality and environment, along with ratings of current and past classes you’ve attended.

Based on your unique profile, the Fitness Snob app will provide you class recommendations that you are likely to love.  You can filter your options by location, duration and class type.  Once you try a recommended class, you’ll be asked to rate and review it.  Your future recommendations will be optimized based on your feedback.

Now there’s an app that helps you choose the right class the first time so you don’t waste time or money.



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